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Friday, 23 November 2012

Seeing Red

I love a good polish. When you have sausage fingers, you have to find ways of making them less, well, sausage-like. And a good polish has become the bff of my nails.

Having virtually every colour known to man, it might come as a surprise that I still get over-excited at the thought of a new polish.

But can I just say (well it's my blog, so I guess I can) that I love this Nails Inc St James red, free with this month's Glamour magazine.

I mean, I buy that magazine every month anyway, but the fact December's issue has Cheryl Cole on the cover and this freebie- well, Jo Elvin and the team, I salute you.

When I first put this on, it was more of a casual 'meh, let's see how this fares'....but let me tell you, the answer is WELL. And WOW.

Call me cheap (yes, a lot of my collection costs less than £2) but I've never had such a vibrant red that lasts so long.

So I made sure to snap up a second copy of the magazine and a spare polish. And I urge you other sausage-handed individuals to go out and do the same.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

You Are GOLD

Sometimes, admit it, you find something glorious but totally garish and although you should turn your back...OH MY GOD YOU LOVE IT AND YOU NEED IT IN YOUR LIFE.

Kind of like how I feel about Rylan on the X Factor.

And definitely how I felt about this bag when I first saw it. Instantly, I had a Marmite-esque hit. Did I hate it? Did I love it?....Would I look like a Ghetto Momma? WHO CARES!

Well, turns out, I did. And with a sad face, I walked away.

And this happened like, three separate times...which is odd, because it's Primark, and usually you either get it or it's gone.

(Although maybe that tells me something about the bag...)

Anyway, it was £5 in the sale this week and I couldn't resist. Now to make it look classy...well, as classy as can look on me (LOL cakes)

And this is what I came up with. Enjoy.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Twinkle Tips

Call me sad, but to me one of the best things about the new season is updating 'the look.'

SURE kicking fallen leaves, breathing in the new crisp air and the return of months of it being so cold you lose feeling in your nose are GREAT.

But they don't beat shopping, do they?!

And sometimes shopping doesn't even have to mean in an actual, well, shop.

It can mean in your own collection. The things you fell in love with last season, or maybe put in a drawer and forgot about or didn't quite take to last time but now your style's evolved and you love it.

 And just as important as updating your clothes, shoes, handbags, accessories and coats (like totally girls)- is updating your make up.

This is something I'll be covering in a few more posts- you lucky things!- because I've got a new lipstick here and there etc....but I've just spent the evening playing with nail polishes and whilst I'm still slightly high, lets begin with fingertips....

SO...if you haven't snoozed off already....these are the polishes my stubby little sausage fingers will be wearing this season

....not all at the same time, obviously. For one there are 11 here, so that would cause a problem.....

I'm genuinely sorry about the shitty quality of the photos- this will be sorted soon, I promise. But even a badly-sighted person can probably see the mix of colours here, right?

One I'm really liking at the moment is the bright, colbalt-esque blue. This is Poolside by Number 7 (I'm presuming they still stock it, but I don't know, because unfortunately I am not Lisa Eldridge *cry*)

Blue isn't traditionally an A/W colour for nails- but I don't know...maybe that's why I like it? It's du jour 2012/13 innit.
And plus I saw a similar colour on Caroline Flak on the Xtra Factor on Saturday and I'm a little bit in love with that woman so I couldn't resist.

One of my favourite shades that I will continue to go back to A/W after A/W is the deep plum colour. This is Raspberry by Barry M. And it's LOVE.

This is..well, this is black.

And like the Amy Winehouse song, I keep going back to it.

This isn't the 'coolest' is it, but on skin with a glow in pale winter air, it's nice. I HAVE A VISION HERE PEOPLE, DON'T RUIN IT FOR ME.

I'm thinking Leona Lewis in the UK Bleeding Love Video, but I'm looking more beaten-up panda.

I love a trad (sorry, watching Made in Chelsea totally ya) red nail all year round- but especially in A/W.
This one, howevs, has got a shimmer to it which, I'll be honest, when I first got it, I didn't really like.
But having dug it out of my polish drawer and put it over a plain red I frickinnnn loveeeeee it.
I'm not wearing a top coat in the photograph (I know, I shouldn't be going around naked on the internet!) but look how the shimmer catches the light! Collection, Starlet, £1.99

Speaking of sparkle- who doesn't turn in to a five-year-old on the inside as the days approach Christmas and start grabbing at everything remotely glittery?! *tumbleweed*......

Anyway, this year I am NOT spending ridiculous money on sequinned clothing items that make me look like a cheap version of the Pantomime Dame....instead, I'm going for sparkle on the nails. Smaller bits of sparkle and less brassy, more grown up/ sliiiiiightly more acceptable for work....

SO *review coming soon* I've thus far opted for these bad boys......

Collection Beedazzled in 4 Glittersweet, £2.99
Rimmel Precious Stones 001 Diamond Dust £3.99

NOW- Does anyone know of a lovely gold a la Kate Moss in the Rimmel Matte lipstick campaign?!

Thursday, 11 October 2012

I'm ebay-in'

I always love buying things from ebay, but I've never sold anything before.

Partly because of my unorganisation, a little because I didn't know how and I got scared....But mostly because I didn't want to part with anything! Do you ever get that? You don't wear something, like, ever. You might even forget it's in your closet.

But part with it?

Have someone else wearing it? HEyllLLL nO.

Anyway, in the end I got over myself (especially with all the new stuff I've been buying lately...I needed to make room for it somewhere) and I've got some EXCITING NEWS for ya'll!

That's right- the blogger, journalist, youtube extraordinaire is now on ebay :)

Bids on myfirst few normalfacesh items open at 18.45pm on Sunday (October 14)

I'll post links once they go live plus details on future auctions

Monday, 8 October 2012

Cheryl- A Million Lights at the O2

Yesterday night I got blown away.

Holy Cow, does that sound rude? I don't care- I said it, it's out there- and I'm going to stick with it.

Yesterday I got blown away. AND IT WAS AMAZING.

You see,  I'm a soldier.

A soldier in the Cheryl army.

And right here and now I am pledging my allegiance because when I saw her A Million Lights tour at the O2 I thought it was the greatest thing since sliced bread.

And no, that's not because I'm a massive fan and I've got all three of her albums, her book and more Girls Aloud tracks on my iPod than you can shake a stick at.

It's because genuinely- What. A. Show.

I'll be honest- I've had a fair bit of stick over the years for being a Cheryl fan. 'But she can't sing' 'yea she looks amazing but she's got no talent'

Well sorry mate, if you'd seen her raise the roof at the O2 last night you'd be singing a different tune.

The stage production was faultless.

My sister (also a Soldier) told me Cheryl tweeted after that the roof was on fire. And HELL, YES IT WAS.
(Plus the crowd went a little bit mental at the beginning of 3 Words when she said something along the lines of 'I have a special friend to sing it with me' (I'm not quoting Verbatim, as to be honest, I couldn't hear above my own screams) and emerged) He was wearing some very cool shoes.


You see, what I like most about Cheryl is that she's a fighter.

She's had more than her fair share of media scrutiny, public humiliation and, as the fashion critics say, 'off days'.

Sometimes (okay, a lot of the time) I have serious self-doubts.

I look in the mirror and see a pig.

I go to work and think 'shit, they're going to find out I'm a big phoney on of these days, it's bound to happen, I'm not good enough, I'll never get this story right...'

I regularly wonder what my boyfriend sees in me.

But the uplifting nature of the A Million Lights tour- watching the girl from humble beginnings done good- who still has her Geordie accent and no doubt massive butterflies before hitting the stage- reminded me of something important.

Every cloud has a silver lining.

Today's hot gossip is tomorrow's chip paper.

And you should never stop believing in yourself.

There were lots of young women and girls in the audience yesterday, and no doubt they had a cracking time.

But I hope they left with the uplifting feeling I did, too.

In times of trouble, you have to Keep Calm and Soldier On.

....And always make room for fabulous shoes.

I'm now on Youtube

That's right! Because I didn't feel there was enough negativity in my life, and because I thought 'yea, my self-esteem could do with a battering, let's get Trolled' I have begun my journey as a Youtuber.

JOKES, obvs that's not the reason I'm doing it. And I hope not to get hated on too bad (but then if you've got nothing better to do than sit on a computer and try to make someone you don't know feel bad, that's your problem)...In fact, I'm really excited to start this :)

I admit, the quality of my offerings isn't great and let's face it, I'm no prize to look at- but I hope you will watch and follow...

I really appreciate you following this blog, it means a lot. I wouldn't care if I was doing it for one person (hey, mum) or one hundred....keep watching for some exciting things to come!

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Time after Time

We all know I'm a whore. A product whore!

And if you're reading this, chances are you know that 'I've accidentally stepped in to Boots and o-m-g what is this? New pRoducts and I must have them!' feeling.


Despite all that excitement, there are always those 'fail-safe' products you're going to reach for. You've probably been using them for at least a year or two. They might not make it in to your look every day, but they're like your parents' home- they'll always be home, you know?

So, without further ado, I give you my 'time after time' products.

TA-DA!...okay, okay, so they don't exactly win any prizes for excitement. But when I win an award for being fabulous, you know this little lot are behind it!

First up- My Cetaphil cleanser.
I've gone through three bottles of this in just over a year, and I loveeee the stuff. It's gentle, it gets all the crap off and it's great for troubled skin.

And Then- Boots Cucumber Face Mask.
I have written about this range before- you can get all your skin essentials for the best part of a tenner. Sound.
Aside from the fact this costs about £1.89, it's actually a great face mask. Whever my skin is feeling run down, this gives it a massive lift.

For Hair- Batiste.
There is not much I like more than hair- big, glossy, wonderful hair, to be precise.
But one thing I do like more than hair, is sleep. Mainly, of the lie-in variety.
Unfortunately, lie-ins are not conducive to the lion mane look.
So when it's lagging, needs a refresh or a volume boost- you've got to love Batiste.
A can of this is always on my shelf...just dont mistake it for your deodrant...which yes, I have done before...

And if you've bothered to actually wash your hair- Mousse is where it's at.
The one I'm using at the moment is L'oreal Elvive- I have to be honest, it's not the best I've tried, but it does the job.

And to make your new 'do stick- Pantene Hairspray.
Shamefully, I'm known as the hairspray queen in my circle of friends (and yes, it's a small circle. And yes, the fumes make me happy). Sure it could be any, and usually, when you're as dang-nabbit broke as I am, it will be any. But Pantene is my absolute fave. It's the smell :)

Skin- Baby Oil.
Cheap, good for hydration, excellent in the shower, great if you get shaving rash (and hello, sensucal massage, you dirty dog!)

Palmer's Cocoa Butter.
Great for dry skin all over and as a sink-in leave-on face treatment at night. I constantly go back to this, especially in winter when the elements can be so cruel!

And For The Face-

For a feline flick, I use this thick liner (unbranded).
For lashes, it has to be Maybelline Colossal Volume.
I've tried so many mascaras and for me, none match up for this. Unlike with the other products mentioned, I won't just buy another version to save a few pennies- it has to be this one.
 (Plus alot of curling, to the point of almost snapping my lashes off. Aahhh, the favourite part of my morning....)

For Lips- Despite having like, a gazillion lip products- and despite loving a classic red- I always venture back to Rimmel's Be Bold. So much so, that I have a spare. I think it's because, teamed with a feline eye flick and glossy locks, I can at least pretend I look a little bit like Jameela Jamil.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Book Review- All the Hopeful Lovers

I have thumbed this book good and proper.

*tsk* Keep it clean, ladies and gentlemen- I mean this is a proper page-turner. And although I told you to keep it clean, the book doesn't necessarily....

You know that old adage 'don't judge a book bu it's cover?' WELL- this is a classic case.

I picked this up on the grocery shop. It was £1.99, I love a good trashy read, Bob's your uncle.

There it sat, unassuming on the bookshelf. And actually, this is my one big problem with the book.

*shield your ears*


On the cover are the words 'Playing away. You thought of it first. Then he did it. Would you forgive him.'
Oh right, you're thinking, a simple book bout adultery. Two main characters, beginning, middle and an end. Capiche.


The book tells the stories of several characters- ranging in age, affluency and outlook- who are all linked to one another.

The main theme of all their stories? Love, desire, and where we all fit in to the world.

The one thing that I like most is Nicholson's ability to write with such conviction from every view point. In one chapter he's inside the mind of an 80-year-old man- the next he's telling the story of a teenage girl.

Apart from the odd 'hmmm, no self-resecting 19-year-old would ever use that word, mate' he does it very convincingly.

 I like the way he pulls off *excuse the expression* the portrayal of an insecure teenage girl (we've all been there) when he's, presumably from his name, a man.

There are so many depths to this book. It's sad, it's thought provoking, and at times it's hilarious (there's a very funny sex scene about 2/3 of the way through...)

I haven't actually got to the end yet, I just couldnt wait to share this with you! I really think it's worthy of much more than its been marketed for. It should have a great big audience and be discussed by reading groups everywhere.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

A Heel Away from Converse?

This kind of follows on from the post I put up the other day regarding flat shoes.

Personal taste, style, self-confidence, environment- they all develop frequently.

For me, the one that I'm trying to develop most right now is self-confidence.

I wrote about this issue here but the main mantra I'm trying to adopt in life is FIYOLO (F*ck It, You Only Live Once). Seriously- if you want to buy those printed leggings, don't worry about the size of your thighs. If you want to put on red lipstick in the day but you're feeling self-concious- why?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Just wear what you love and feel great doing it.

I've spent years feeling like I'm not good enough- don't even get me started on the subject. So from now on, it's goodbye worries hello trying new things (except for breast milk or 'down there' piercings.)

One thing I was considering to try but just-wanted-to-dip-my-foot-in-the-water-to-see-how-it-felt, were Converse. Call me Avril Lavinge circa 2004, I don't care.

Do I have the style cred for it? No. Do I have the right legs to pull it off? Definitely not. Can I justify spending £30 on something I might just wear once? LOL.

So me, my sanity and my bank balance settled on a compromise. These bad boys.

They were originally from Topshop, but some crazy fool decided to give them away on ebay for just £4!

This is my idea of the perfect 'trainer'- heel, studs, and totally unsuitable for running.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Going Flat

Up until recently, the word 'flat' was one I would never want to use to sum up any part of my look.

Everyone knows I'm on a quest against flat hair.

And as for flat shoes? Forget it.

I don't know why, but recently I've been a lot more- 'experimental', shall we say, with my look.

And when I saw the studded Topshop loafer shoes that a lot of gals seem to be rocking, I wondered what was happening to me. For I couldn't stop hankering after those flat shoes.

But am I going to pay upwards of £50 on ebay for them? I don't think so! Not when my wanting desire is most probably a 2012 passing phase and after I've worn them down so much my feet are touching the pavement as I walk, I'll be back in my trusty heels again.

During one of my recent shoe-perve sessions on said selling/ buying site, I came across an UBER cheap version of the much-coveted 'Vectra' shoe.

They were £11.04, to be precise, with free delivery from a company called solewish.

And O. M. G I'm so happy I took a punt on my flat shoe obsession and went with these bad boys.

*excuse the sh*t pics today*...also for some reason I can only upload two. I'll style and outfit of the day for ya'll...on some day when I'm not either wearing work wear or gym gear or my birthday suit, and show these bad boys in action...

I decided to go with seude because although not really ideal for the Great British Summer, ie, RAIN- they feel and look a bit more expensive than the pleather-y versions.

If you were kind of hmmm-ing and ahhhh-ing over whether to splash out on Toppers, then you might want to look these babies up on ebay here

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Rings and Things.....

The last couple of weeks have been a bit hectic and I don't anticipate things slowing down any time soon.

Whilst I love being busy, really exciting times at work and all that jazz, every now and then you have to take a step back and relax or you'll implode. And self-combustion is never a good way to impress the boss.

Which is why I was looking forward to the weekend so much.

....Unfortunately, it was busier than the working week!

But on Saturday, as the rain fell, my boyfriend and I used a lull in all the hustle and bustle to CHILL THE FUCK OUT.


Expertly made by moi, may I add.

I hadn't had nachos for such a long time, but then I saw them on shewearsfashion and I was like I MUST HAVE THOSE. I DON'T CARE ABOUT HOW MANY HOURS IT WILL TAKE ME AT THE GYM TO WORK THEM OFF.

But what to wear when savouring such cheesy goodness?!

A denim shirt and my trusty leggings of course!...with big ol' earrings, natch. Well, when you've been with a boy with a while you've got to make them realise what they've got haven't you! What says sexy better than cheese-covered denim, ties back hair and sore ears from lugging round huge earrings?!

ALSO- and there's no other way to say this- I bought these lovely rings :)

Post on these bad boys coming soon.......................

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Charity Shop Haul

I love a good rummage.

Minds out of the gutter- I mean at a charity shop.

I think of late, BHF has had a bit of a revamp to show actually, you can get up-to-date fashion for a worthy cause.

But there is one particular charity shop I love- and it's the Salvation Army in Cosham.

Whenever I'm back home, I try to visit because even though you have to get elbow deep and devote like, an hour to doing it, my god- the bargains.

The first gem I found was this denim shirt. It's a size 18 so fits nicely oversized.

Next is this Madonna maxi dress (t-shirt dress? I'm not sure what to call it). I'm not the biggest Madonna fan (put the area away, love, please) but I thought this, paired with my new leopard primark boots and a blazer= street style cool.

As soon as I saw this mint green dress, I knew I liked it but I was unsure of the fit. It's a size bigger than I typically go for, but actually, it looks quite dapper on. I'm not really sure how I'll style this- so suggestions, please, would be loved. But I'm really happy I got it :)

I really like this shirt- it's a great fit and there are SO many ways to wear it.

If you've ever read my blog, you might know I'm a bit of a scarf-addict. Recently I've been loving yellow and red- a taste brought on courtesy of my huge Rihanna crush- and I thought this scarf paired with a red lip would look *sing it* fabulousssssss.

Last but not least is this red pencil skirt (seen under scarf). I've found so many like this in that particular charity shop- green, blue and purple are already part of my wardrobe. But for £1.99, how could I resist red too?! I have images of wearing this at Christmas. Festive perfection.

I WILL have some outfit of the days with these coming soon, so watch this space.

I would tell you to go and check out my fave charity shop- but I'm worried they'll be less treasures left for me!

Seriously, all this stuff came to £14. Charity shops aren't uncool anymore and if you want a bargain and a fab new look, check them out.

Monday, 2 July 2012

Shoe Love

Yup. My feelings go beyond 'like' this time.

I think I am in love with an inanimate object. Well, actually, two inanimate objects.

That is to say- this pair of shoes.


Now I finally know what Elvis was singing about. What the film The Notebook is all about. Why Tom Cruise jumped up and down on Oprah Winfrey's sofa *Divorce, you say? awkwaaaaaard*

These beauties, unlike the actress K Holmes, will not be leaving me until I have got my good and proper use out of them.

I first spotted them in New Look a week before pay day *oh- the misfortune* and I knew I'd be lucky to get my hands on a pair because they look like sell outs.

When I checked the website a couple of days later, my dreaded fears were confirmed.

So when the day of bank credit arrived *oh how that day can not come soon enough* I practically ran in to the store. And there they were, one of only two pairs left.

I just think they're ideal in any weather (and espesh this soggy mess which is parading as weather at the moment. Rain, it's July. Cut it out.)

New Look- £24.99

Monday, 25 June 2012

A Wedge of Waiting...

Is this the worst June weather ever?!

I'm kind of upset.

This year I'm fully embracing body confidence, working out 3x a week, eating healthily and (of course it happens- hello fishfinger sandwiches) very rarely falling off the wagon.

I haven't lost a tonne of weight but I feel good. Most days. Today isn't one of those, unfortunately.

But this year- for one year, finally- I saw the summer approaching and thought 'you know what? I am genuinely excited! Let's rock it. Who gives a f*ck what anyone thinks.'

...But summer has, so far, turned out to be a damp squid.

And this upsets me.

Because look at my beautiful new shoes.

They're not even new anymore, having been in my shoe box for over a month now, eagerly awaiting the sun.

They are the comfiest wedges, and were only £16 which I think is a bargain price considering I plan to make them my 'go-to' summer dress-up shoe.

If only summer would actually 'go.'

I have never been more eager to wear anything in my life. And the weather has never been quite so unsuitable.

Fear not, as soon as I get the chance, I WILL crack these out and I WILL be posting lots of pics.

Saturday, 23 June 2012

I Like....

My trouser-like leggings.

I know I featured these in my ebay post- but I thought they deserved a little something extra as I *high pitched singing* loveeee themmmm.

I managed to snap up a pair in the New Look sale for only £7- I did that territorial grabbing thing when your heart skips a beat and you're like one of the seagulls from Finding Nemo ('MINE!')

They're slightly tighter than the DP Ebay pair and have stitching detail on the front.

I thought I'd do a few outfit options with these, just to show you how pleased I am to have found such a versatile piece. They literally go with everything- can be dressed up with heels for night and dressed down with boots for day.

As I said, I wanted some since I saw them in Topshop Oxford Street- I also read an interview with Take Me Out co-host babe Zoe Hardman who said they were her fail-safe date night go to.

The problem with a lot of leggings is everyone around you gets TMI (TOO MUCH INTIMACY) with your, erm, intimate bits.

I would say every girl should have a pair of these in her wardrobe.

Yellow Top- Primark £8
Red Shoes- Primark £12

Green Blouse- New Look Sale £8
Purple Velvet Clutch- New Look Sale £5
Black Lace Heels- Very £25

Denim Shirt- New Look £10
Black Bag- River Island £28
Leopard Print Shoes- New Look Sale £10

Liam Gallagher Print T-Shirt- Matalan (Men's Section) £10
Leopard Print Bag- Deichmann (Gift)

Jumper- Ebay, Vintage £1
Red Bag- New Look £14

Grey T-Shirt- New Look Sale £3
Black Bag- As before

Swan Print Top- New Look £4
Purple Clutch- Primark (Gift)

Thursday, 21 June 2012

OH MY Ebay

I may be a little bit addicted.

If you are a reader of, you will know that the beautiful Kavita is always finding absolute bargains on ebay.

And now I am too.

My sister is a massive ebay fan and now that I've found some absolute steals, I'm thinking, why didn't I do this sooner?!

I mean, be careful, because you could end up spending a lot of your time and money on ebay- but with the right amount of discipline, you should be alright and have some fabulous pieces to add to your collection.

Grandad Jumper

This is vintage *read: may need a wash* and with p & p literally cost, like £1. It's oversized, cosy, wam....slightly sheer when worn which adds a sexy-can you see my old man chest hair peeking through-vibe.
With red lips, nails- I'm bringing old people sexy back in a big way.


These glorious boots were £9 in the end....New...with a tag on them, original cost £60. I could cry with bargain happiness.

Sexy Legs

I've been looking for something like this for a while, ever since I went to Topshop on Oxford Street and saw a similar pair.....for like £45! No thanks, Sir Philip. I wanted something halfway between a trouser and a legging...not 'hey, who wants to see my bum?! and yet also not ''
I think these are a vision in black. And for about £8, a bit of a steal.

I love picking up winter bits in summer, always ensures a bargain. And let's face it, in this country, who knows what you're going to get on a 'summer' morn! Hats and scarves at the ready, people!

My Top Ebay Tips

  • Know what it is you're in the market for- having a clear idea will help you cut to the chase and not end up spending an entire evening (easily done) sifting through Spongebob Squarepants print t-shirts.

  • Put things on your 'watch list'. Ebay's a predatory ground when bargains are sought by many. If an item you've got you're eye on is for auction a few more hours, don't jup in straight away- keep it on your watch list and be ready to pounce at the last minute!

  • Search by 'time: ending soonest'- you can literally snap up a bargain for mere pennies with just seconds to spare!

  • Having said that....don't rush in to anything silly. Like with tip number one, know what you're going there for. Don't just bid on something because it's cheap. Bid on it based on how much wear you're going to get out of it- ie, its value for money. It's one thing looking at those Spongebob t-shirts. It's another thing wearing them....