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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Going Flat

Up until recently, the word 'flat' was one I would never want to use to sum up any part of my look.

Everyone knows I'm on a quest against flat hair.

And as for flat shoes? Forget it.

I don't know why, but recently I've been a lot more- 'experimental', shall we say, with my look.

And when I saw the studded Topshop loafer shoes that a lot of gals seem to be rocking, I wondered what was happening to me. For I couldn't stop hankering after those flat shoes.

But am I going to pay upwards of £50 on ebay for them? I don't think so! Not when my wanting desire is most probably a 2012 passing phase and after I've worn them down so much my feet are touching the pavement as I walk, I'll be back in my trusty heels again.

During one of my recent shoe-perve sessions on said selling/ buying site, I came across an UBER cheap version of the much-coveted 'Vectra' shoe.

They were £11.04, to be precise, with free delivery from a company called solewish.

And O. M. G I'm so happy I took a punt on my flat shoe obsession and went with these bad boys.

*excuse the sh*t pics today*...also for some reason I can only upload two. I'll style and outfit of the day for ya'll...on some day when I'm not either wearing work wear or gym gear or my birthday suit, and show these bad boys in action...

I decided to go with seude because although not really ideal for the Great British Summer, ie, RAIN- they feel and look a bit more expensive than the pleather-y versions.

If you were kind of hmmm-ing and ahhhh-ing over whether to splash out on Toppers, then you might want to look these babies up on ebay here

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