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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Review: Rimmel Stay Glossy

I'm having a bit of a mouthy moment. No, I don't mean I'm walking round the town shooting my mouth off in trackkie bottoms, hoops and scrapped back hair *cringe* *MAJOR cringe*

I mean lipstick and/ or lip products. I think it started with the death of Jane Russell. And ended with me thinking "Where the hell has glamour gone?!" *looks at self, eye bags, constant feeling of self loathing*'s definitely not here.

Anyway, I have been meaning to do this review for a while. It's not a new product on the market and it's not really a new product in my make-up case (I swear I am soley responsible for that big rise in the sale of lipstick during the recession. If the whole of my adult life counts as a recession.)

It's the Rimmel Stay Glossy lip gloss, namely in Fuschia.

*Picture courtesy of am a truly hideous photographer. Or maybe it's just my subject (me wearing lipgloss) that is the problem.....

Though I might sound like a moth, it was the colour that drew me to this product. I was looking for something wearable every day but with a recognisable colour. Unfortunately I don't think I can use this quite as much as I intended. It's a bit TOO colourful. On sunny days it's great. On days like today- nu uh sista.

My second issue- and this is a little bit more than me being a fussy, wrong-colour-choosing, thinking I have someone else's lovely skin tone moo- It's called 'Stay Glossy.'

'Stay Glossy' it 'ain't.

Yes it goes on lovely, yes you'll look dazzling for a while. But this product brings big expectations that it's going to keep shining on and on.

It might do if you keep your mouth shut.

But if, like me, you love a good gossip, a cry, a moan, a smooch or maybe a spontaneous Disney medley, you will find yourself having to re-apply. Several times over.

Looking at it logically, this should be pretty obvious. No substance of this slippery consistency is going to have as much staying power as another formulation. And I'm saying that on a Science GCSE. It will, inevitably, slide off. Plus, it's retailing for less than a fiver.

Like I've posted before, I have a lot of love for the MUA Superdrug products costing a pound a pop. And you know one of the reasons why? It's not gimmicky, it doesn't make high claims, it does what it says on the tin and you- quite frankly- get what you pay for.

I'm sure if Rimmel hadn't called it 'Stay Glossy', I would be more impressed with this product. Just label it 'Lovely coloured lipgloss with a super shiny consistency that needs re-applying every now and then, but let's face it ladies, it's dirt cheap, what do you expect-' and I might be less pissed off.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

GOSH! That's a lovely pair you've got there

Yes, I am talking about my lips. It's been a tough week, what can I say?! A little self promotion doesn't do any harm every once in a while!

Before I take full credit, I must confess- They've had some help. Courtesy of the new GOSH lip pens. 

I am a sucker for a new product and when I saw the Maybelline Lip Pens launch at the beginning of the year, I did excitement quiver slightly. I also spent quite a lot of time in Boots putting on the Royal Plum shade (it went well with my scarf dont ya know.....well, one of my many scarves.....).

Anywhoo, as much as I loved the colour and the staying power of these lip pens, I didn't love the price (£7.99). Yes, it's not a lot. But as I am constantly moaning, you kids know I am proper skint.

So imagine my elation when I found these babies....

NB: I should not be a photographer

They're currently on offer for £4.99 at Superdrug and in my humble opinion, do the job just as well as the old 'Maybe she's born with it' lot. Well for your information, yes Maybelline, I'll have you know I am worth it. If only the bank manager would realise this.

I really like these pens if you're going out for drinks or something, as you don't constantly have to worry about re-applying. Or the cracked lip effect/ lipstick on glass slobbery you'd get otherwise. Don't get me wrong, I am not permanately converting from lipstick. You know how much I love the stuff. I'd probs eat it if I thought I could.

And also because whilst these pens are pigmented well and can be built up to a stronger colour, they're just not available in the rainbow range that lipsticks are at the moment.

This is really worth it if you're looking for something that's fuss free. There's enough drama in life without having to worry about the horrifying moment of lippie on teeth (oh the shame).

Based on a bargain

*Sigh* ladies it's true. I'm sorry, I know you'll be reeling in shock but- dun dun dun- I don't have perfect skin. And it's not made any better by the amount of crying, stressing and squeezing I do on a daily basis.

But, unfortunately, I am stuck in a dilemma- the dilemma being I am unemployed, stressing because all I want to do is be a journo and I'm just about to spend my last £2 so I can attack editors with my (brilliant) CV. This dilemma results in the crying, stressing and squeezing- results in more spots- results in me not being able to afford a decent cover up- results in general feelings of shitness and confidence loss in the journo ability. A vicious cycle.

So, my quest is always to find a decent base for as little pennies as possible. The latest to come under my radar is this...

 Collection 2000, Ultimate Fix foundation

 This is currently on offer in Boots- £4 with a free Hot Looks Nail polish. At first I was dubious- maybe they give you the nail polish because the foundation is rubbish and so at least you'll have nice nails to detract from your skin.

But I have to say, I'm pleasantly surprised. This is a creme to powder formula so it does give quite good coverage.
My only problem is that even though the compact comes with a blending sponge, the formulation dries to powder quite quickly which makes it hard to apply. I find myself rubbing my skin harder than I would using a normal liquid foundation- and let's face it, a red and bruised face is probably just as bad as a majorly spotty one.

Overall, a good bargain buy. I would say that- unless you are blessed with normal skin *shakes fist*, blend with a liquid formulation or layer this one on top

Me, wearing the foundation. Also wearing an 'I am going to kill someone look' as I've just discovered I've locked myself out of the car. With the keys still in the ignition. On my birthday.

Monday, 28 March 2011

When she was twenty two......

Oh the fabulous life of the unemployed journo! I passed the 100wpm today- YESSSS. If you are looking for someone with brilliant shorthand skills, look no further, please employ me.

ORRR....If you're looking for someone with fabulous taste and style....ALSO look no further, cos here I am!

You're probably thinking 'wait, if you're so poor, how can you afford to be fabulous?' the answer my friends, is style don't cost. And also because it was just my birthday and I got some amazing gifts. TIP: Hinting pays.

And get yourself a lovely boyfriend like mine :).....but not mine. Because I'll bring the evil on you.


I'm really feeling the summer bright colours trend. Especially because I am now getting older *sigh* and there aren't many more years left in the tank where I can get away with it. HOW beautiful is this bag? River Island, £29.99

I really love the inscription inside too, 'What is obtained through love is retained for all time.' See, bags aren't just pretty. They're also wise.


So the glorious Elizabeth Taylor is no longer with us. One of the last screen goddesses. I wrote about Jane Russel a couple of weeks ago and I'm sorry, but I'm still a big fan of glamour. Come on girls, get it out. Your Rouge, I mean.

Anyway, in homage to glamour, I picked up this lipstick from MUA. I've raved uphill and down dale about their products before. £1 per product people- and it doesn't even make your skin sting! As I said in my last blog post (see below- it's AMAZE), I picked up a pink lipstick last week and then yesterday, whilst casually strolling around Superdrug, I noticed this pillar box red shade. So retro, really pigmented and a bargain. Flash your pearls ladies in the name of Liz

It's the one on the right......The other two are (far left) No. 17, Hot Chilli and (middle) Barry M in Shade 54. I'll write more about these in a future blog post I'm planning on thr greatest invention of all time. The Lipstick.

Picked up these dazzlers in the New Look sale....

£2. Will probably result in arthritis in later life as a result of how ridiculously big it is. But my sausage hands can take it.

£3, New Look


As you know, I am a little bit obsessed with scarves. See my post on them for reasons why. If you are also genetically challenged neck-wise, you'll understand. I had a 20% off New Look voucher and couldn't resist. Just makes me look forward to lovely summer days, beautiful sunsets.......and then realising I'm in England, I'm poor, and it will probs never happen. Meh.

£6.99, New Look. Normalface 1. Rochelle Wiseman, 0.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Loving summer shades

HURRAH! I detect a ray of sun shine. Like a true Brit, it's time to don the inappropriate sandals and get out the pasty skin. This seems to be especially true if you are my dad.

If you, however, are not my dad, you might want to try another way to welcome the warm weather (hurry, it probs won't last long- get the Pimms out now!) I'm loving the colour block trend of spring. I'm just loving colour in general, to be honest. Winter's seemed way too long- it's time to shoo in the bright pink and coral tones.

"Hold up", I hear you say, "normalface, you're always yabbering on about money and how you don't have any- well how do you plan to rock brights on a pittance?!"

Oh girls, girls, it's time for a new....dun dun dun....Trend on the Cheap

This nail/ lip combo has changed. my. life. Okay, that's a slight exaggeration. But I'm officially unemployed and fighting off an impending sense of doom, so I'll say what I want okay?!
No, really, I'm loving it. And what's more....
The lipstick is a £1 bargain from MUA, Superdrug. It's a little more pigmented than this picture shows. The nail colour is beautyuk, £1.99. I think it's a new colour as I havent seen it before.....not that I spend a lot of time hanging around cosmetics aisles.....

Oh darlings why did I ever let you go?!

Re-discovered gloriousness

Aside from saving myself *cough the bank* money, I'm glad I did this challenge. I've rediscovered some absolute bargain products. Though this has a downside....having used them up, I'm going to have to re stock. There goes my *cough the bank's* money.

Let's get down to business shall we?

Boots Glycerin and Rosewater Toner, retails for about £2.39

I bloody love a bit of old-school glamour. And this 'traditional' treatment just reminds me of the days gone by. You might be thinking, " Technology's moved on, mate, surely there's something better on the market now?!"
But, as I have quite temperemental skin (perfect match to the personality), I sometimes find harsh chemicals can really cause me havoc. And there's enough drama in life without one playing out across your face.

Boots, Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Night Treatment

I like this for the same reasons as the toner. Really soothing. But even though it's called 'Night Treatment', I'd reccommend slapping on a little before bed. Other wise it's going to get all over your pillow, you'll roll over, get it in your eye and look like Quasimodo before dawn.

Boots 3 Minute Clay Mask

Okay, so I am aware this is becoming a cheaper and less appealing version of, but just hear me out okay?! I almost forget about this product until I rummage through my drawers. But, for less than £2 its soooo good.

Soap and Glory, Bright Here, Bright Now

I got this product a while ago as part of a 3 for 2. I'm a sucker for Soap and Glory. But unlike other stuff from the range, I've been slow to use this up. It's like a highlighting moisturiser. No, no, that's not because I don't like anything happy and bright and choose to live my life in a darkened room. I think one reason is that a) you only need a small amount at a time b) with problem skin, I don't always feel like 'highlighting' the problem. But this is great for sunny days, wearing even bigger sunnies (NB- DO NOT forget the sun cream). Or for those of you damn mares *shakes fist* with normal sized pores.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

A flutter of lashes and an apology

I have been a shameful beauty blogger of late and I must apologise. These past couple of weeks have been so busy with exams and general life panic (still time for a well maincured nail, fear not beauty lovers). It's nearly over though- exams start tomorrow and as soon as, I will post you an update on how my challenge is going. The challenge is using up the beauty products I own instead of lusting after new ones which I can't afford and, let's face it, chances are I probably have something else that already does the job. (The job being- to make me look fabulous. Too late, can't improve on perfection.) I vowed not to buy another product until I had given everything in my beauty case a well deserved go. NB: Don't worry, I haven't been sneaking down to Superdrug in a mac, sunnies and a trilby hat as night falls.
     I know you're all dying to know- have probably been checking my blog night and day, pining after me and my rollered hair. So I will just tell you this- I'm glad I did it.

      You know how it is- you're in Boots, wandering along the aisles- when suddenly, BAM. Your eyes meet across the perfectly stocked shelves. And you know, whatever happens, you will be going home with that new mascara/ shampoo/ tampon carry case.

      And you use said product. Maybe if you're going out that night, you'll put on a new lip.

   But there will soon be another shopping trip. Soon another product. And poor old Barry M Shade 2051 is left to cry and become gloopy.
    No more I tell you! Though it probably looks like it, I'm not attempting to build a new Boots store in my room (would I even get planning permission?). So I'm using what I've got. Until a well earned pay cheque rolls in...

  One of the other reasons I can't give you a full update is because I'm without a camera at the moment (let someone borrow it, I am the People's Champion....and also high off the fumes from the nail polish). Your atterntion span has probably wavered after me warbling on like this, so photographs would be appreciated I'm sure. I'll be back with pics as soon as I can.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Confessions of a case-aholic

Recession sucks, doesn't it?!

Okay, okay, so I'm not actually expecting Mr Cameron to be reading this (though if you are mate, get in touch, got some great moisturising tips for you). When I say 'recession' what I actually mean is having absolutely zero expenditure power, save for wishes on stars and a pocketful of dreams.

With this in mind, I have had to come to the sad reality that until I FINALLY get my dream job as a journo, there's no money in this kitty for new products. Not even one of those eyeshadows that costs less than a chocolate bar (probably a good thing anyway. Those things sting. And if I'm going to do something bad for me, please, it's going to be the chocolate.)

Feeling sorry for myself and ever so slightly melodramatic- I know, what's new- I set about slapping on the face like there's no tomorrow. It was when I was reaching in to my make up case for a concealer I hoped would somehow erase those fine lines and make me look glowy, (but not in a way that makes people think I'm pregnant. Again. I know- the tragedy of being beautiful), that the epiphany came.

That's right. Case. Make up case.

I literally have a case of products that are just screaming at me to be used. I bet they get so pissed off everytime a newer, more 'in season' product gets shoved in to join them. "Ooh, think you're shade of the month now, don't you," they probably spit sarcastically, "you just wait till she 'accidentally' steps in to Superdrug again. Then we'll see if you make the grade."

Maths has never been my strong point, but slowly I put two and two together and came up with this challenge. (*cough* okay so it seems a lot of bloggers are doing it atm *cough*)

I will not be buying another product until I have thoroughly exhausted my supplies. It was absolutely shocking to look at those 5 blushers, 7 lipsticks and god knows how many highlighting sticks. So products, here is my vow to you; I will use you, and I will love you.

Or I will curse you for making me look like a carrot.

The point is, I will give you all a decent try. It's something I should have done a long time ago and I am sorry.

Bloggers: I'm going to post details of the full collection and my reviews over the next month or so. But before I do that, I will be going to sleep. As one thing I don't have a case full of is eye cream and these bags won't de puff themselves. If you see me tomorrow, try to stifle your screams.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Hats off to great style

Following on from my 50's glamour post (if you haven't read it, do. There are pictures of sexy women. Well worth getting my ratings up), I want to share this with you. I'm imagining spring picnics in this hat. Obviously I'll be needing a new dress....I don't want to be arrested for public indecency again.

£3 from Primark?! Can't go wrong. Apart from that hideous picture of my 15-year old hamster face in the background. Please ignore. Or point and laugh if you have to, just remember, I'm the one with the fabulous hat.

Also picked up these.....yes, on hindsight I do look like a rather moody lady in this picture. But these sunnies only cost £1 from Primark, so really, I'm pretty damn pleased with myself. Big superstar shades will never go out of fashion. They prevent crow's feet, hide a multitude of sins (nb: pink eyeshadow does count as a 'sin', but just don't do it in the first place). And, the main reason I like them, they make my face look smaller :)......could have done with them when I was 15, really...

Thursday, 3 March 2011

In homage to the glamour days

You've probably heard on the news this week that 50's starlet Jane Russell has passed away. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes is one of my favourite films and I feel that it's a shame we've kind of lost some of the glamour of those days. The fashion, the make up, the hair, there was nothing more sexy than being a woman. And any excuse to eat cake and keep these hips is fine by me!

Still taken from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, 1953

So, in homage to the last 50's glamour goddess and to my favourite era, I've searched the high street to channel the look. MORE IMPORTANTLY, you don't need the money of a movie star to achieve it. I'm going to do some make up looks and post them later as well. I know the Spring/ Summer season calls for colour pop and 70's looks, but glamour is never going out of style. (If only I was ethereal enough to pull them off, damn you genetics!)

Still taken from the movie Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

This day prom-style look dress would look great on Marilyn-esque curves


Polka dots were a big trend back in the day, for a Kitsch summer shoe, you don't need to look much further than these babies. Sitting by the pool in a 50's swimsuit, massive sunnies and a cocktail, what could be better?! ....Oh yea, if it wasn't a fantasy.

Fitted pencil skirts are an essence of the 50's look. This would look great glammed up with heels, statement earrings and a clutch, I think


How glamourous are these?!


Couldn't get much more 50's than this number