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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Time after Time

We all know I'm a whore. A product whore!

And if you're reading this, chances are you know that 'I've accidentally stepped in to Boots and o-m-g what is this? New pRoducts and I must have them!' feeling.


Despite all that excitement, there are always those 'fail-safe' products you're going to reach for. You've probably been using them for at least a year or two. They might not make it in to your look every day, but they're like your parents' home- they'll always be home, you know?

So, without further ado, I give you my 'time after time' products.

TA-DA!...okay, okay, so they don't exactly win any prizes for excitement. But when I win an award for being fabulous, you know this little lot are behind it!

First up- My Cetaphil cleanser.
I've gone through three bottles of this in just over a year, and I loveeee the stuff. It's gentle, it gets all the crap off and it's great for troubled skin.

And Then- Boots Cucumber Face Mask.
I have written about this range before- you can get all your skin essentials for the best part of a tenner. Sound.
Aside from the fact this costs about £1.89, it's actually a great face mask. Whever my skin is feeling run down, this gives it a massive lift.

For Hair- Batiste.
There is not much I like more than hair- big, glossy, wonderful hair, to be precise.
But one thing I do like more than hair, is sleep. Mainly, of the lie-in variety.
Unfortunately, lie-ins are not conducive to the lion mane look.
So when it's lagging, needs a refresh or a volume boost- you've got to love Batiste.
A can of this is always on my shelf...just dont mistake it for your deodrant...which yes, I have done before...

And if you've bothered to actually wash your hair- Mousse is where it's at.
The one I'm using at the moment is L'oreal Elvive- I have to be honest, it's not the best I've tried, but it does the job.

And to make your new 'do stick- Pantene Hairspray.
Shamefully, I'm known as the hairspray queen in my circle of friends (and yes, it's a small circle. And yes, the fumes make me happy). Sure it could be any, and usually, when you're as dang-nabbit broke as I am, it will be any. But Pantene is my absolute fave. It's the smell :)

Skin- Baby Oil.
Cheap, good for hydration, excellent in the shower, great if you get shaving rash (and hello, sensucal massage, you dirty dog!)

Palmer's Cocoa Butter.
Great for dry skin all over and as a sink-in leave-on face treatment at night. I constantly go back to this, especially in winter when the elements can be so cruel!

And For The Face-

For a feline flick, I use this thick liner (unbranded).
For lashes, it has to be Maybelline Colossal Volume.
I've tried so many mascaras and for me, none match up for this. Unlike with the other products mentioned, I won't just buy another version to save a few pennies- it has to be this one.
 (Plus alot of curling, to the point of almost snapping my lashes off. Aahhh, the favourite part of my morning....)

For Lips- Despite having like, a gazillion lip products- and despite loving a classic red- I always venture back to Rimmel's Be Bold. So much so, that I have a spare. I think it's because, teamed with a feline eye flick and glossy locks, I can at least pretend I look a little bit like Jameela Jamil.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Book Review- All the Hopeful Lovers

I have thumbed this book good and proper.

*tsk* Keep it clean, ladies and gentlemen- I mean this is a proper page-turner. And although I told you to keep it clean, the book doesn't necessarily....

You know that old adage 'don't judge a book bu it's cover?' WELL- this is a classic case.

I picked this up on the grocery shop. It was £1.99, I love a good trashy read, Bob's your uncle.

There it sat, unassuming on the bookshelf. And actually, this is my one big problem with the book.

*shield your ears*


On the cover are the words 'Playing away. You thought of it first. Then he did it. Would you forgive him.'
Oh right, you're thinking, a simple book bout adultery. Two main characters, beginning, middle and an end. Capiche.


The book tells the stories of several characters- ranging in age, affluency and outlook- who are all linked to one another.

The main theme of all their stories? Love, desire, and where we all fit in to the world.

The one thing that I like most is Nicholson's ability to write with such conviction from every view point. In one chapter he's inside the mind of an 80-year-old man- the next he's telling the story of a teenage girl.

Apart from the odd 'hmmm, no self-resecting 19-year-old would ever use that word, mate' he does it very convincingly.

 I like the way he pulls off *excuse the expression* the portrayal of an insecure teenage girl (we've all been there) when he's, presumably from his name, a man.

There are so many depths to this book. It's sad, it's thought provoking, and at times it's hilarious (there's a very funny sex scene about 2/3 of the way through...)

I haven't actually got to the end yet, I just couldnt wait to share this with you! I really think it's worthy of much more than its been marketed for. It should have a great big audience and be discussed by reading groups everywhere.