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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Fruit....for the face

Now't I love more than a bargain. And now't I hate more than having crappy skin. Apart from mean dictators, non-alcoholic alcohol and Samantha Brick's latest article about how great she is, obvs.

I think, my friends, I've found and absolute GEM of a range and guess what?! IT DOESN'T BREAK THE HUMBLE TRAINEE REPORTER'S BUDGET! Hooray!

If you're a beauty product junkie like me (you're reading this, so duh) then you definitely would have seen the Boots Cucumber range as you've taken a meander through the Aisles of Promises.

Let's face it, we're all a little dubious when we see the signs 'Skincare: £1.52', aren't we?

But I LOVE this range. You can pick up your whole skincare regime for like, a tenner.

So far, I've tried the face wash, moisturising cream, face scrub and eye make up remover pads.

....But my fave product has to be their three minute face mask. The first thing I love is the smell. So fresh. The second thing is that although the bottle is relatively small, the product lasts ages. And the third thing I love is that after it's washed away, your face genuinely looks clearer!

True, if you have problem skin like me, the effects are only temporary- but at only £1.52 it's not as if you can't afford to use it again!

WHAT'S THE DEAL? with nude lipsticks...


Not really a look I would call 'desirable'.

But apparently- apparently I'm wrong?

It's an issue I've debated in my mind like, so many times that I'm slightly pathetic- but where did this obsession with the nude lip come from?

Don't get me wrong- I do have a couple of light lipsticks in my collection. But the ones that make you look like a ghost? Come on gals, we can do better than that!

So today I'm going to swatch the ones in my collection I can accept.
I'm not the prettiest spade in the tool shed, god knows I don't need to make myself look worse.

Numero Uno

First up, is this Modelsown lipgloss, free with Diet Coke in Boots a couple of months ago. Coke + Boots +lipgloss+ ideal. I actually chose this because of the colour- a nice light pink is pretty flattering for spring.

But unfortunately, I don't really feel like the colour conveys to the lips, so I end up slapping like...loads on....with no real result, only that my mouth is practically glued together and I can hardly speak.

Given these circumstances, it's pretty lucky they give you a generous-sized tube.

Numbero Two & Threeee *said in Numbero Uno accent*

These two cuties are from MUA, a quid each what an absolute STEAL. Again, I'm not really a huge fan of 'nudes' so I do prefer their pink & red colours, but as far as 'nudes' go, these are two of my faves...

Shade 13

Shade 7

Basically, they're the same- except one is the bronze version of the pink.
When I swatched them, I couldn't really see much difference.
The one thing I don't really like about these lipsticks is how shiny they are. I'm a lover of matt.


this is probably my favourite, and simplest nude....(no it's not a photo of me naked...)


Natural Collection Lip Lines in...okay, it doesn't have a name or number you'll be able to tell which one it is if you go to Boots.
This costs around £1.40 and, despite the fact I use it under almost every lipstick (bar reds), it's last for a very long time. I didn't really believe in the whole 'my lips but better' idea before I met this little baby. I feel like you can just throw it on without being to precise and it gives a really nice, natural 'pick me up' to yor face.
It's also great paired with a smokey or coloured eye.

Compared to A LOT of bloggers, I have a really small collection of 'nudes', some would probably scoff at that. But whilst they're scoffing, picking up the same old shade every day, I'm shining the beacon for ridiculously bright lips. BOOM.