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Wednesday, 14 March 2012


I think I posted about this Nails Inc nail polish in Camel a long time ago, having got it free with some diet coke. Anyway, it was long thrown in a drawer whilst I splashed more cash on my ridiculous ambition of collecting every shade known to man.

But I saw this smiling at me in my polish drawer the other night and I decided to give it a chance.

And I like.

No More Acne!

 I've got a punnet of grapes right here next to me and unless I keep my fingers busy, those delicious little beads of nutrients (...and *cough* sugar) will be gone. And then what sweet snack will I have tomorrow? YOU SEE MY DILEMMA HERE!
So that's why I am writing a blog post today. Blame yourselves for making me a social outcast. If I had somewhere to be right now, I would.

Shit, I just ate like three more grapes.

I'm going to tell you my skin story. It sounds like the autobiography of a really pathetic z-lister who's OD'd on botox.

The reason I'm going to tell you this story is because there are a few products (few and far between) on my sad budget that have really helped me with the problem of...DUN DUN DUN.....Adult Acne.

So, we begin.

Once upon a time there was a reasonable looking girl with okay skin.

Then she got to 18....and her skin started getting a bit too pussed-up for her liking.

And it just continued from there, really.

Under the mountainous layers of foundation, I do have acne scarring. It's mainly on my cheeks and at times, even now when I'm almost 23, I get flare-ups.

I don't know if I'll ever completely shake this thing off. I'l be a wrinkly old cow with spots.

 But you know, that's life.

I'm not ashamed to talk about it because it might just help one person going through the same 'JESUS, what is wrong with your skin?' horror.

Over the years, I have tried a PLETHORA of products. I've even used Freederm, prescription creams and dare I say it, nappy rash cream (which actually, does get rid of some redness).

There are a couple of products that DO give a little improvement. Clearasil, for example, will leave you spot will also leave you unable to move your face under a layer of dry skin.

I like facial soaps, thye give a good cleanse.
But again, these can be a little drying. Tesco do a good cleansing bar that's pretty damn cheap so I'll review that at some point for you.

But nevertheless, I thought I would never find ANYTHING that would make me pass for an acne-free person...

..................then low and walked Cetaphil.

I knew instantly that I had found THE ONE. The love that all of the greats talk about.
Shiiitttttt I am literally eating ALL the grapes.

And Cetaphil does a lot for me, but unfortunately, grabbing food out of my hands, it does not.

What does it do?

Put simply- it clears up my skin.

When I first tried this cleanser, I just cOUld NoT belIEve It.

I'd heard it was really good but I was like....yea okayyy then...sure .......*as I typed my card details in to the online pharmacy to buy it*

I first used it last Summer and within like, a couple of weeks, my skin was clear.

I can't tell you why- there's nothing fancy in this un-fancy looking bottle. There are no harsh ingredients, no latest 'must-haves'....I'm no scientist, I can't tell you why it works for me, it just does.


Now they stock it in Boots, and that's where I picked up my latest supply. I bought it on Boxing Day and I use it almost every day and night and I'm still good for it.

It's £8 something I think, but don't quote me on it.

In my humble opinion (which probably don't count for jack)- it is the best £8 something I've ever spent.

Apart from that one time I got really depressed and spent a shit load of money on THAT was a good way to blow some hard-earned cash.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Get Ya'll Glow On

Beyonce, Rihanna, Christina Hendricks, Cheryl Cole, Zooey Deschanel, Rachel McAdams, Eva Mendes, Kim Kardashian, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Megan Fox, Jen An, Kate Hudson... I've got BIG FAT GIRL CRUSHES on them all.

But there is one woman who I am pretty envious of, skin-wise. Because everytime I see her photo in a glossy magazine, her face, like, radiates from the page.

Her skin is SO glowly it could probably do a better job than my mum's ridiculous solar lights at lighting the garden in the summer months. (Honestly mum, think about it before you take another weekend trip to Wilkinsons- do we REALLY need another light in the shape of a planet?)

That woman, ladies and gents (which ever the one reader of my blog happens to be) is Kate Bosworth.

Just look at that dewy-ness. Googling her just makes me want to shout 'you glow girlllll!' also make me want it. Bad.

Unfortunately, I am not a genetically blessed, uber rich film star. And I don't know how much glow my pittance budget is going to get me. But, thank you to Kate, I can but try! And, dammit, I will!

In one of my many hair-brained blogging schemes, I am embarking on a glow-a-thon. In this, I will review glow-getting products, eat some skin boosting foods, try all sorts of techniques- and bring you the results.

The first review I'm going to do, is kind of a cheat's 'how-to.'

Rimmel's new Wake Me Up foundation is marketed as a formula that 'visible reawakens and illuminates skin with a radiant glow and a flawless, natural-looking finish. Instant anti-fatigue effect. With Peptides and a Vitamin Moisturising Complex.'......That's quite a promise for £8.99 and especially the introductory price of about £5.99 that I bagged this for.

Still, a girl's a sucker for a few fancy buzz-words.

Now, I must say, I am a big fan of Rimmel's Lasting Finish 25 hour foundation. Although I think 25 hours is a bit of a big claim to make, this stays extremely well and is great if, like me, you have acne scarring or blemishes that need decent coverage.

....So how would this 'glowly' formulation fare on my slightly problematic skin?

The best match for my skin (which looks a bit weird on my hand) isthe shade True Ivory. It is a little pale and I could do with a slightly pinkier pigment, but then again, I did only spend six quid, I'm not after the world.

As I'm not confident enough to bare all (I'm trying to get my skin in tip-top shape but atm it's still prone to break-outs), I use the Lasting Finish as a base and put this over the top.

The result is a nice glow...not so glowly that it's obvious, but it does give a nice highlight to the skin.

I did notice that when I did my had test, I was left with a bit of an orange smear *awkward face* on my hand afterwards, so blending is essential.

This doesn't last as long as I would like, but I guess it's part and parcel of slap to have to re-apply a bit in the afternoons when your face is flagging.

I am going to try this alone as soon as I feel confident enough, and I'm pretty sure I'll notice the glow even more.

For those of you girls lucky enough to have good skin, I would say this foundation is worth a try.

If you're a bit oily, I would probably avoid this and go for a matt/ good coverage foundation, using a highlight to add glow where needed.

Kate-Bosworthy Rating- A good, lip smacking 7.

I Love a Bargain

Like a wayward traveller, out to search for himself on the rocky roads of 19th century America, I return, beaten suitcases in hand, to you, my love....the blogosphere.

Sorry I've bee so monumetally rubbish over the last....22 years of my life. No, the last like six months. Things have been hectic, but not in a bad way. And now I'm back- ready to rant and rave and pretend to myself that someone is listening!

My first meandering- A GOOD OLD FASHIONED FREEBIE!

One thing I love more than the sound of my own voice, is magazines.

It's one of those little treats in life that I buy for ME, you know? Okay, okay, so I buy a lot for me...


Anyway, imagine my delight when I see the fabulous free gifts with Glamour, Cosmo and Marie Claire this month.

I knowwwww right! That's like 30 squid of product for the price of a few magazines! I was practically salivating in Morrison's....which was a little embarrassing but do I care? You're talking to someone with zero dignity here.
If you're reading this, chances are, you're a bit LIKE me...or you are you'll enjoy this.

I'm going to to a little bit on all of them, so hold your horses!

My first review will be of a gift given unto us by the lovely Glamour magazine. It is the Percy & Reed Totally TLC Hydrating Mask.
There are four products on offer but I chose this baby because a) it's worth the most (obvs) and b) I'm a sucker for a big promise or two.

And this mask makes big promises- not least because of it's £12 price tag.

Yea yea, I know that's not 'that much' by some people's standards, but for a humble trainee journalist, that's a bit steep.

So at first, I must say, I was very sceptical.

The package says you should slather it on, put a towel on your head and leave it for 10 minutes. But hello- AM I SUPPOSED TO BE A PATIENT PERSON?!
So, I havent completed that method yet. I will, in the interest of fairness. And also because I love the 'towel on head' look. It's totes hot.

I slathered it on the ends....quite stingily because, hey, they only give you 100 mil and I've got the hair of a yeti.
I left it whilst I did my other bits (we're talking quite a large surface are when we're talking about my body, so it might have been 10 minutes anyway).

And I must say- I like it.
I really like it.

My hair felt weightless, fresh, and really, really soft.
Now I know that's something the usual highstreet conditioning masks will give you, because I use them all the time.

But something about this felt like real quality.

Would I pay £12 for it?....I would like to say no. I have to say no becuse if I did, I'd be bankrupt pretty soon.

But if I had the money...then yes, I probably would. SHAME. ON. ME.

Tbh, we all know that conditioners and skin products have a 'wear off' period, where, much like a relationship that has fizzled out, they just don't do it for you anymore.

And before kicking that conditioner (or that man) to the curb, you have to give it a little break.
Really re-evaluate your hair (or your relationship) and come back to it.
Most of the time, you'll realise how great it is and your hair (relationship) will once again have that special shine.

I'm going to try and use this SPARINGLY (hah, like I've ever used anything sparingly in my greedy little life) and I will give you an update in a couple of weeks as to how it's looking. Marvellous, hopefully.