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Monday, 7 May 2012

Very Berry

It all started with MAC Rebel.

I saw it all over youtube, blogs, the faces of celebs. And I was like ‘OMG, WHAT A FLATTERING BERRY SHADE. I MUST HAVE IT.’

Unfort, the thing I must also have to have that is erm, money. And when you’re an independent woman *clicks fingers mmmm hhhhhmmmm* and ya’ll have bills to pay and New Look sales to impulse buy in, you don’t always have the wonga to pay £13.50 for a lipstick.


I’m really under the weather atm, I’ve lost my voice and I have a pretty heinous cold (THANKS, whoever gave this to me) so today I popped in to Superdrug for some lemsip. Whilst I was there, I decided to peruse the isles (okay, okay, I had a few other things to buy too). And one of things I was secretly looking for but didn’t want to admit to myself was a dupe for MAC Rebel.

‘DREAM ON, NORMALFACE!’ I hear you say ‘NEVER going to happen.’

….oh reallllly?!

Because I found THIS.

This is New York Colour in 434 Velvet Wine. And it was £1.79

I actually really like this brand. My ‘always go back to favourite’ nail polish is their Chelsea Cherry red (featured in a previous post)

I just thought this looked like a shade I could work with to create ‘THE LOOK’ tbh, I didn’t really care about the quality of it for that price because in my mind I’m always like ‘you are just until I can afford MAC Rebel’

But I tell you what, I am pleasantly surprised.

This is matte, which is my favourite type of lip product. I think it looks so much more modern than something sheeny (90’s- yuck)

It’s very buildable and it doesn’t come off too daunting to begin with. You don’t want to be like ‘fuck why am I Morticia Adams?’ after a couple of coats of a product.

It lasts. I put this on a good long while ago and I’ve drunk like, a litre of lemsip since then and coughed like a crazy person and guess what? It’s still on.

I’m having a very berry moment…at the moment. And this little baby is seeing me through.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

10 Little Secrets Tag.....

1. What is one product that makes you feel like a million dollars?

Hmmm for a girl from Portsmouth probably a ‘million dollars’ is a stretch too far. Not going to happen. However, I will settle for feeling like a tenner. That’s a lot of money dannn the back streets of Pompey don’t cha know.

The thing that makes me feel best is probably lipstick. Especially red. And especially matte. My two ultimate faves have to be Mac Ruby Woo and Revlon Strawberry Suede. I know the quintessentially ‘glamourous’ way to wear red would be to hark back to the 50’s. But there’s nothing more modern than a throwaway red lip. That’s why I like matte. Yes it takes a little prep work, but once it’s on, it’s on. It lights up the face and you look all (well in my head this is how it is, but probably in real life I look like a hooker with lipstick on my teeth) ‘Try hard? Yea- I just threw this on.’
MAC Ruby artistic pic. Blame the wine.
Revlon Strawberry Suede....applied excellently as you can see.....

2. What is your skincare secret? / A passed down skin care tip

I don’t feel like I’m old or wise enough to have a skincare secret. Maybe when (if) I get to like 60 and for some crazy (never going to happen) reason I have good skin….maybe then I’ll have some pearls of wisdom for you.

But for now, my number one tip is- prevention is better than cure.

Right now I’m all about the double cleanse……cleansing….more cleansing. A dab of exfoliation. Regular masks. Eating right. SPF. Eye cream. Vitamins.

I would probably never tell her this because, no offence, she’s got a big head and she’d rate herself 10/ 10 every day, but my nan is probably a great skin care example to me. She’s 72 and she’s not very wrinkly. I don’t think I’ve inherited those genes, unfort. So my best bet is probably to get really really fat and have a big smooth round face J

3. Share your hair care secret?

Hahaha erm…..waking up with five minutes to get ready, pulling out my hair tie and maybe if there’s time giving it a brush?

No, in general I’m quite lucky with my hair. It’s very thick and in quite good condition on its own. So round of applause for my hair. I often neglect you and yet you put up a good fight.

LOL I’m joshin’ with you (……sort of).My number one secret, like with skincare, is look after. I use a lot of conditioning products and masques and I’ve got in to the habit *mental pat on the back* of using heat protectant every time I blow dry or use appliances on my hair.

I do dye my hair which will probably mean I’ll be a bald old woman, does leave my hair in good condition for a little while after it’s been freshly done.

Upkeep is a really big job tbh. And right now (gulp) it’s not exactly the colour I want, so I’m working on that. Which means a lot of extra time shampooing. So if you wondered what I was doing in there, I’m not up anything dodge don’t worry.

 4. What is your biggest diet rule?

I’m actually planning a post on this very issue, so I won’t go in to too much detail now.  As it will bore you. And you will want to cry. I’ve recently gone on a bit of a get-healthy mission.  My weight and I have always had a bit of a strained relationship. Like a cousin that you know is a bitch but you have to put on a brave face and deal with her because she’s your cousin, you know?

So my biggest diet rule is probably don’t ‘diet’. It’s all about a healthy lifestyle. For life. More on this later.

5. Any workout tips?

Never thought I would say this. But I love running. To anyone that knew me up until like two months ago, that’s right- SURPRISE- something’s happened to me and I don’t know how or when it did, but it has. And now. I. Am. A. Runner.

Biggest workout tip? Simple- work out. It’s the best natural high you’re going to get, it relieves stress, it makes you horny….what’s not to love.

6. Which perfume is your secret weapon?

My favourite is Chanel Coco Madmoiselle.

But my secret weapon is Armani Code. Love it. Love it. LOVE. ITTTTTTTTTT.

7. Show us a clothing item of yours which always turns heads

PAHAHAHA for all the wrong reasons.

8. What is your most treasured piece of jewellery?

Okay, prepared to be amazed. This necklace was a Christmas present from my mum a couple of years ago. It’s Accessorize and I lusted after it for a ridiculous amount of time.

Also love this other Accessorize necklace which again, I lusted over. And then got it for £4 in the sale. BAM.

9. Who is your style crush?

OMG so many women, so little time. Style inspiration is everywhere. Blogs, magazines, films, in the supermarket……

I can’t just name one person because if I see, for example, Rihanna, in one outfit- I’m like ‘nice.’ The next minute, she’s looking all trailer trash.

10. Tell us something we don't know about you