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Monday, 7 May 2012

Very Berry

It all started with MAC Rebel.

I saw it all over youtube, blogs, the faces of celebs. And I was like ‘OMG, WHAT A FLATTERING BERRY SHADE. I MUST HAVE IT.’

Unfort, the thing I must also have to have that is erm, money. And when you’re an independent woman *clicks fingers mmmm hhhhhmmmm* and ya’ll have bills to pay and New Look sales to impulse buy in, you don’t always have the wonga to pay £13.50 for a lipstick.


I’m really under the weather atm, I’ve lost my voice and I have a pretty heinous cold (THANKS, whoever gave this to me) so today I popped in to Superdrug for some lemsip. Whilst I was there, I decided to peruse the isles (okay, okay, I had a few other things to buy too). And one of things I was secretly looking for but didn’t want to admit to myself was a dupe for MAC Rebel.

‘DREAM ON, NORMALFACE!’ I hear you say ‘NEVER going to happen.’

….oh reallllly?!

Because I found THIS.

This is New York Colour in 434 Velvet Wine. And it was £1.79

I actually really like this brand. My ‘always go back to favourite’ nail polish is their Chelsea Cherry red (featured in a previous post)

I just thought this looked like a shade I could work with to create ‘THE LOOK’ tbh, I didn’t really care about the quality of it for that price because in my mind I’m always like ‘you are just until I can afford MAC Rebel’

But I tell you what, I am pleasantly surprised.

This is matte, which is my favourite type of lip product. I think it looks so much more modern than something sheeny (90’s- yuck)

It’s very buildable and it doesn’t come off too daunting to begin with. You don’t want to be like ‘fuck why am I Morticia Adams?’ after a couple of coats of a product.

It lasts. I put this on a good long while ago and I’ve drunk like, a litre of lemsip since then and coughed like a crazy person and guess what? It’s still on.

I’m having a very berry moment…at the moment. And this little baby is seeing me through.

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