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Thursday, 21 June 2012

OH MY Ebay

I may be a little bit addicted.

If you are a reader of, you will know that the beautiful Kavita is always finding absolute bargains on ebay.

And now I am too.

My sister is a massive ebay fan and now that I've found some absolute steals, I'm thinking, why didn't I do this sooner?!

I mean, be careful, because you could end up spending a lot of your time and money on ebay- but with the right amount of discipline, you should be alright and have some fabulous pieces to add to your collection.

Grandad Jumper

This is vintage *read: may need a wash* and with p & p literally cost, like £1. It's oversized, cosy, wam....slightly sheer when worn which adds a sexy-can you see my old man chest hair peeking through-vibe.
With red lips, nails- I'm bringing old people sexy back in a big way.


These glorious boots were £9 in the end....New...with a tag on them, original cost £60. I could cry with bargain happiness.

Sexy Legs

I've been looking for something like this for a while, ever since I went to Topshop on Oxford Street and saw a similar pair.....for like £45! No thanks, Sir Philip. I wanted something halfway between a trouser and a legging...not 'hey, who wants to see my bum?! and yet also not ''
I think these are a vision in black. And for about £8, a bit of a steal.

I love picking up winter bits in summer, always ensures a bargain. And let's face it, in this country, who knows what you're going to get on a 'summer' morn! Hats and scarves at the ready, people!

My Top Ebay Tips

  • Know what it is you're in the market for- having a clear idea will help you cut to the chase and not end up spending an entire evening (easily done) sifting through Spongebob Squarepants print t-shirts.

  • Put things on your 'watch list'. Ebay's a predatory ground when bargains are sought by many. If an item you've got you're eye on is for auction a few more hours, don't jup in straight away- keep it on your watch list and be ready to pounce at the last minute!

  • Search by 'time: ending soonest'- you can literally snap up a bargain for mere pennies with just seconds to spare!

  • Having said that....don't rush in to anything silly. Like with tip number one, know what you're going there for. Don't just bid on something because it's cheap. Bid on it based on how much wear you're going to get out of it- ie, its value for money. It's one thing looking at those Spongebob t-shirts. It's another thing wearing them....

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