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Friday, 23 November 2012

Seeing Red

I love a good polish. When you have sausage fingers, you have to find ways of making them less, well, sausage-like. And a good polish has become the bff of my nails.

Having virtually every colour known to man, it might come as a surprise that I still get over-excited at the thought of a new polish.

But can I just say (well it's my blog, so I guess I can) that I love this Nails Inc St James red, free with this month's Glamour magazine.

I mean, I buy that magazine every month anyway, but the fact December's issue has Cheryl Cole on the cover and this freebie- well, Jo Elvin and the team, I salute you.

When I first put this on, it was more of a casual 'meh, let's see how this fares'....but let me tell you, the answer is WELL. And WOW.

Call me cheap (yes, a lot of my collection costs less than £2) but I've never had such a vibrant red that lasts so long.

So I made sure to snap up a second copy of the magazine and a spare polish. And I urge you other sausage-handed individuals to go out and do the same.

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