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Saturday, 21 May 2011

What's Your Signature?

No, I'm not planning to steal the money from your bank account. Forgery is a bit cloak-and-dagger for me. So when I ask, 'What's your signature?'...I mean signature look.

Recently I've been reading a lot about vintage and the history of make up. Sad or amazing?! You decide (I say AMAZE) and I've come to notice there have been a lot of iconic ladies with iconic signatures. Elizabeth Taylor and that eye make up, Twiggy and that Bambi-esque look, even Cheryl Cole and that hair.

Cheryl is a die-hard big-hairer.

Even when it goes.......yeti.

So it got me thinking; is a signature look the way to go? We're all here on this site because we love experimenting and the latest new product. But trends come and go. No one ever told Permy Sue that tight curls and blue eyeshadow would be totally uncool come 1990. Can she look at old pics of herself in a jumpsuit without feeling embarrassed? No. I mean, should we be living in The Fear?! The fear being that our children will mock us and our youth trends as we do our own parents. The fear that one day, my daughter will look at a photo of me and be like 'Sweet Lord, what were you thinking woman?!' as I do my own mother?

So maybe signature it is.

Signature can never technically go out of style, because it was never technically in. You just took it, incorporated it to your own fabulous self and rocked it.

Have you ever thought how Chanel No. 5 smells of your gran? Well to your gran it smells of 50's glamour and her youth. And it's her signature.

Do you have one? And if I get one- what should it be?

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