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Saturday, 16 July 2011

It's Tan O'Clock!

AAAAANNNNDDDDD she's back with cheesy avengeance! (But not cheese-coloured).

It's definitely, if I were to define my pigment- a 'Golden Glow.' And it's all down to St.Mortiz tan. No, they're not even paying me to advertise. But if life were the Oprah Winfrey show, I'm doing a Tom Cruise- jumping on sofas- I'm so in love- right about now.

I know I'm slow on the uptake (not the first time I've been told this). But I couldn't hide my excitement when I saw this in my local Savers for £2.99. I'd heard whispers it was a bargain. And so I barged right in and got myself some. Mousse and Spray. It strikes me as odd they named a tan after a snowy place, but who am I to complain? Only place I've been in France is Cherbourg. And if a tanning agent was named after that place....well, I'd steer well clear......

Let me say first of all, I'm not a regular tanner. If I'm wearing it, I'll re-apply. But as soon as I get a whiff of a) biscuit b) patchiness. What am I, a dalmation?! No thanks, Johnson's Holiday Skin, you can keep yourself, mate.

But THIS stuff. This little best have baby *kisses bottle.....only not jokes, seriously* Well, it's what dubious tanners like me have been waiting for.

Now, I'd seen photographs on other blogs of the application process. I haven't included any as most of them I saw...well, they just looked like the girls had done something bad in their own hands. Not nice. Yes, it comes out brown.

But then I realised how much of an advantage that is compared to other *cough* failure *cough* tanners I've used. You can see where you've put it instantly. Just please, PLEASE, don't keep it in your hands.....

I'm more a fan of the mousse than of the spray (maybes cos I accidentally dropped my spray bottle and it snapped and so now applying is a real hassle). But generally speaking, you whack it on, leave for a few hours, rinse- Golden Glow. Next Step: Walk around tan with a smug look on your face knowing you should be in the South of France cos you are WAAAAAAAY too fly for this damn town, sistaaaaa!

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